Open Live Writer, a replacement for the old and deprecated Windows Live Writer, looks and feels like the Windows one.

Same intuitive interface and method of connecting to various blogging apps. I hooked into two of my WordPress sites and a Google Blogpost site within minutes of the installation completing.

If you need this great little program back and have fooled around with the Windows Live Writer, grab it from here



Daniel & Shakira’s Engagement

A gallery of photos. No processing, straight off the camera

Bateman’s Bay

What a sunrise


Posting from my phone

This is pretty cool.

The photo is sunrise at Batemans bay


posting via email

Chilling out


Playing with media

Trying to decide on the best form of picture presentation. Gallery or Images that will link and open in a new window?  Hmm think I know. Arranging them like this opens a “Galley Carousel”  The same as the plugin I have on one of my current sites.


My First WordPress post

This is my first wordpress post. I am going to compare it to the free blogspot offering from Google. I have several wordpress sites served by my own web server as well. Basically using this site a travel blog.

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